Saturday, September 21, 2013

National Bowling Tour # 7 - Strike Lower Hutt

21 September 2013 (Saturday), Day 2 has been a high scoring day. Sonny Reguerra bowled 212, 237, 290, 278, 216 and 234 to a total of 1467 pins and averaging 244.5. Sonny also bowled over 800pinfalls for 3 game block on this qualifying round. Mark Francis finished the day with a big one as well with 257, 259, 223, 204, 258 and 245 with a total of 1446 pins and averaging 241. Sonny leads the Open division qualifiers followed by Mark and Daniel on 3rd. Sonny also secured the High game score of 290 in Open division.

Phil Wright maintains his lead in the Senior division with his total pinfalls of 1374 on the Day 1. Rey Non bowled 201, 258, 233, 207, 202 and 219 with a total of 1320 pins and averaging 220. Rey secured 2nd place on the Senior division qualifiers, followed by Greg Nicolas, Roger Tucker, Wayne Booth, Terry Mustchin, Alan Vermaak, Delfin de Guzman and Tony Rollo.

On the Ladies division, Kerrie Chruchill bowled 245 to grab the High Game score from Julie Barns (244). Julianne Mollet still leads the Ladies division qualifiers followed by Ellen Slater, Ivena Heald, Kerrie Chruchill, Suzanne Howell, Lynnaire Churchill, Julie Barns, Aleisha Cunningham, Brooke Malone and Annabelle Swain.

Youth division top qualifiers are: Anthony Carbonell, Kaleb Allardyce, Jess Swain, Kieran Davis, Saasha Ritchie and Ash Ball.

The Junior division's top qualifiers are: Alex Harman, Dayna Haylock, Jess Swain, Lance Barns, Chelsie Parsons and Mitchell Davis.

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