Saturday, August 23, 2014

DOWNER DESIGN, BUILD and PDT Team Building TenPin Bowling

22 August 2014, Friday

Strike Entertainment Centre, Porirua
5 bowlers x 7 teams combined from different department bowled for fun.
Here are some photos.

Mario Malicdem watching Shane Duncan do the strike.

Mario Malicdem trying his best form.
Praveen looks his still warming up after the 3 strikes.
Is it Rowel?

Christine Alzona loved the foods. Allan Tan said it's good! Go for it!

Don't be serious Te.
Go Marion!

Nice form, Shane D.
Rowel Madrisa showing his best form.

A follow-up dance by Rowel.

Erwin and Ronaldo of Fibre Team.
I would say someone bowled to the gutter.

Allan Tan.

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